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Getting Started

The xMatters Digital Service Availability Platform helps you solve technology problems before they become business problems.

The four Launchpad Express courses take you through the features of xMatters, grouped by use case. Earn certificates by completing knowledge checks after each course.

After you have finished all four courses, you can take the xMatters Certified Admin exam to prove you’re a true xPert.

If you have attended our in-person Integrator Workshop, you can take the xMatters Integrator Certification exam. To attend a workshop, visit our workshops page.

The courses below walk you through how to get the most value out of the features of xMatters. At the end of each course you can earn an xMatters Certification.

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Upcoming Workshops ​

We offer live webinars, online training, and plenty of other resources for upping your xMatters know-how. We also like to show off what we do at trade shows, conferences, and other industry events! If you want to participate in a specific session or come and see us at an event, visit our Workshops & Special Events community forum.



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